Thank you for your interest in Colony of Me. Please read below before sending an email. I'd love to be able to answer everyone's questions about helminthic therapy, but given the huge growth in interest I'm simply unable to do so.

If you have general questions about helminthic therapy that you would like a real person to answer, please consider joining the Helminth Therapy Support Group on Facebook. The community is large, experienced, welcoming and helps to spread the load of supporting people who are new to Helminthic Therapy. They have many years of experience to draw upon using all of the therapeutic helminths for dozens of medical conditions. Because the group is global, there is often someone around willing to answer questions, even at odd hours in your time zone. 

If you aren't on Facebook or prefer more written materials, the invaluable Helminthic Therapy Wiki is the place for you. The Introduction to Helminthic Therapy page will have the answers you are looking for 99 times out of 100, including where to find helminth providers. You'll also be pointed to this page and be asked to read it as soon as you join the Helminth Therapy Support group.

If you have a question for me that cannot be answered by anyone else or are a member of the media with questions for a story, please contact me via the form below.