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No one knew what was wrong with me

For most of a decade, I suffered from extreme fatigue, chronic migraines, unrelenting deep muscle pain, brain fog and a whole host of other symptoms. I went to doctor after doctor for years and found no answers. Then I discovered helminthic therapy and my life is back on track after only a few months.

What is Helminthic Therapy?

Helminthic therapy adds organisms into the gut that help control immune responses at a fundamental level. You can think of them as a different kind of probiotic. They've been part of the human microbiome for millennia, but are no longer common in the Western world. In the parts of the globe where billions of humans still live with them, autoimmune disorders, allergies and asthma are practically unknown.

Brain fogged, too sick or too in pain to concentrate on all the info? Just don't have the time to dig into the details?

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Helminthic Therapy: What it is, how it works and who might benefit
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